Monday, August 16, 2010

A Birthday Celebration

Today is my Birthday... it was also the very first time my four year old Grand-Daughter went to School... which makes it particularly memorable. She was excited yet a bit nervous and scared, she didn't quite know what to expect, this was new territory, though she had longed to start School for some time now... the big day arriving had left her feeling conflicted. At least that is until she settled in to her new classroom... with all the new children that will become her new Friends... and saw that they were all experiencing the same range of emotions that she was... on this first day of the new adventure of acquiring a formal education.

Isn't this a bit like Birthdays and growing older? There are definitely parallels... each Birthday is memorable too, yet growing older enters new territory and can leave us feeling conflicted... a bit nervous, perhaps scared, not knowing what to expect in the future of this new Season of Life. At least that is until we settle in to the experience of being this age... realizing that most others share some of the same range of emotions that we are... on this first day of the new adventure of growing older... a privilege not afforded to many and therefore very special with each passing year and decade we receive this Gift.
I always have a celebration of growing older... even if it isn't a formal or social celebration. Today will be a day of being particularly good to myself and celebrating what I'm most thankful for and appreciate about my Life. I enjoyed a nice Breakfast... I received a free piece of Cheesecake from a local vendor who wished to acknowledge my special day, which was a delightful surprise... and I just took a tiny taste off the tip, photographed it... and will leave the rest for the Grandchildren to share. Such restraint in my old age *LOL*... since one of my resolutions in this Season of Life has been to eat healthier, exercise faithfully and take better care of myself so that I remain a vibrant Gramma who can keep up, care for and nurture my Family and still have fun! I took delight in the simple pleasures today while both Grandchildren are now in School and I have the rare luxury of complete Freedom and quiet solitude... an envigorating Morning walk, sitting in the Park reading my favorite books and magazines, Blogging... and just being thankful for the Gift of Life for another day, growing another year older and celebrating it... Dawn ... The Bohemian


  1. Happy Birthday to you!!!!!! That cheese cake looks so yummy. Your grand daughter is adorable. Mine starts 1st grade in a couple of weeks. It is so cute to watch them learn new things and make friends. I love being a Grammie:)
    ~Debra XXX
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. Oh again I love it all.....just my taste.
    Love it the necklace, the bag and the last one.
    Fine evening


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