Monday, August 9, 2010

Awash in Gems and Velvet

Do you ever just play with your stuff? I do. I'm like a big kid with my lovelies. Today I've been awash in Bohemian Gems, Trinkets and old Velvet. I had found some new Treasures on my first morning of complete Freedom... after hiking around the beautiful Desert Botanical Gardens this morning before it got really hot, I then hit a few of my favorite haunts and found... two pieces of old Belgian Velvet: a Gold Doily and Pink & Sage Runner... a lovely old Floral and Gilt German Cup... a Pale Pink Tin Cannister Trio which will be perfect for the Grandkid's Art Supplies... and the Mother Lode of finds: A delightful large old Locket with Cherubs on both sides and a vintage clear glass bead necklace which I will marry to said Locket to make a new piece of Jewelry to wear!
Anytime I get some new "old" Treasure I tend to drag out previous Treasures, either made or purchased... and start to play... arranging, re-arranging, surrounding myself with sensory overload of beauty and luxury... wallowing in it... experiencing it... delighting in it. I played with Bohemian Bling... I piled up Velvet Pillows and vintage Fabrics, languishing in them... all my old Pillows are filled with Feathers or Down so they're so squishy and luxurious to wallow in... I love the feel of old Velvet against skin... I adore the sparkle and colors of gaudy old Jewelry, Crystals and Rhinestones. I am captivated by the hand painted Art and details on many pieces of old China.
Yes, today, while the Grandson had his first day back at School and the Grand-Daughter is visiting and having final midweek sleepovers with her Aunt before she begins Head Start next week... Gramma PLAYED!!! And, after I picked the Grandson up from his first day back at School the festivity didn't stop since today is actually his Birthday so we headed over to "Baskin Robbins" and indulged in... Ice-Cream!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh, yes, it was a VERY good day to be sure... Garden hikes in the quiet of a still morning as the Earth and it's creatures awoke... beautiful new 'old' Treasures... playing with my lovelies and lounging amidst Velvet and Gems... and Ice-Cream 10th Birthday celebrations!!! I hope your day was as lovely as mine and all your tomorrows too... Dawn ... The Bohemian

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  1. Thanks for stopping by! I love to pull my things out also and play with them. It's usually where I get most of my inspirations! :)
    Thanks for sharing all your lovlies!



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