Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Adoration Of Art Forms

                                                Mendhi Images cribbed from Bing Images

Source: Robin Brown... Magnolia Pearl

                            Art by Artist Laura Bell... images cribbed from Bing Images

I absolutely adore Art in all it's forms and have great respect for other Artists. Our Home is filled with Art and artistic elements. Art is a huge part of our lives and the pursuit of my own Art is one of my favorite pasttimes and great loves, if I could be a full time Artist I certainly would be.
I have many favorite and admired Artists whose works I just love and often collect... and every so often I come across a new one whose work I fall in love with... like Artist Laura Bell, whose work I discovered while surfing the Blogs. Artists are as varied as their creations and I love to hear the stories behind their Art, which shaped and molded the masterpieces created and ignited their Artistic journey and passion to create.
The ancient Art of Mendhi is among my very favorite Art Forms because it is a wonderful Social Art as Women gather together to fellowship and paint one another's bodies in this temporary, yet beautiful form of Artistic expression and pampering of themselves and others. Have a Mendhi Party and see if you don't agree!
Flower arranging is another Art Form that I greatly admire in the work of those Gifted at making it look so effortless and beautiful... I haven't quite gotten the knack for that form of Artistic expression yet, but I'm working on it. *smiles* Along with the Art Form of Photography, which I've always enjoyed as a hobby, but now that I'm Blogging I'm finding a more intense pleasure and passion to pursue as another outlet of Artistic expression and point of view. My Brother is a retired professional Photographer so I'm Blessed to have someone in the Family who could Mentor me in becoming a much better Photographer as I explore this medium and Hope to become much better at it. Don't you just love the photographic eye candy of the Blogs? It is so visually stimulating and a good picture draws you in and you just want to know more about the person and life behind the camera!!! The Photography is initially what drew me into Blogland and captivated me... and then the stories... what a delight and a complete package it is!!!!!!!
I love to look for Art during my escapades and gatherings of found Treasures, it is amazing the beautiful pieces you can find at Flea Markets, Yard Sales, Thrift Stores and even discarded curbside. Quite often I'm as smitten with the frames of my Art as I am of the Art itself, I'm particularly fond of old Gesso Frames regardless of condition and those made of weather worn, distressed and aged painted Wood.
I'm guessing that the adoration of Art Forms is what draws many of us to the Blogs... and the exposure to other Artists and their Art can awaken those Artistic longings in those who may never have expressed it before now... or resurrect Artistic Life in those who allowed their Artistic side to lay dormant for a time... and how wonderful is that! So... to all those other Artists out there... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your special creative Gifts that you bring to the table and share with the World... the World is certainly a better place for it... Dawn... The Bohemian

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