Thursday, December 14, 2017

Sweet Flea At Sweet Salvage

NOTE: ALL Fabulous Images in this Post are Cribbed from the SWEET SALVAGE Facebook Page, all Credit goes to the Talented Photographer of SWEET SALVAGE

So, Why am I Cribbing this Month's Images for the first Post of the Opening Day of the SWEET SALVAGE Event for "Sweet Flea" Theme you might ask?  Well, here's the Scoop... the logistics of The Young Prince and getting him to and from his Alternative School from here and then there, which is clear in another City Northwest of the Valley, is a Nightmare on my Event Days, that's Why!   I will probably be very, very late picking him up... he will likely have the distinct pleasure of hanging out in Beautiful Downtown Peoria for hours... and I'm being facetious, because that is akin to probably hanging out in Beautiful Downtown Compton, mebbe not THAT Bad, but lemme tell ya it ain't Good either... so he's gonna be less than thrilled.  *LMAO*  But he's 17 now and this taxi duty is wearing thin on Gramma, since it means midweek my days are spent endlessly providing various transport duty for the Crew here... and he's the only one I can actually leave unsupervised in Public.  *LOL*  So every so often he's got to fend for himself until I can pick him up if I'm going to be late... and Today I know that's a Given.   You see, this "Sweet Flea" Event is the 75th Show and one that has markdown items and even Free Gift Items abounding... and I've got my Eye on a few things I spotted in said above Cribbed Images and Hope I can Score?!   So I wanna get there Early to get a good spot in line and decent parking, snag what I Jones for quickly and get thru checkout fast... since I'll be on a time crunch and The Young Prince will likely be blowing up my phone asking for pick-up and when will I FINALLY be there to retrieve him?!?  *Winks*  If I don't hear Sirens in the background of the Calls I'll assume he's Safe and Sound, but just probably terribly Annoyed that I'm gonna be way Late picking him up this day.  *Smiles*   The last time I was way Late he walked to a local Convenience Store near his School to get something to drink and snack on... he wasted no time telling me at least three drug dealers approached him asking if he wanted to Score some Weed... and could I Please be on time from now on?!  Yeah, that's why we moved away from the Cities... and yet with The Young Prince's Academic Challenges, we're right back to where we started from Patrollin' The Hood for Schools that would take him!  *Le Sigh*   Since several of the Students of his Alternative School are 'Behaviorally Challenged' there is always that aspect too, most have crossed the threshold of Childhood and are now Grown so he doesn't wanna Deal with any of them either after School... even tho' he Grew Up in The Hood so he's quite capable of self-preservation.  I 'Get It' and yet for at least one day of the Month I try to have a "Me Day", so don't Judge... and this day would be "It" so I don't wanna Feel so Rushed.  Yes, I will still BE Rushed, but I Plan to spend more than the usual allotted 20 Minutes AT the Show Today since I spend far more time than that in line waiting to get IN the Show!  And to Shop, take Pixs to Share, Check-Out and get back to Beautiful Downtown Peoria from Beautiful Downtown Phoenix in the span of an hour and a half after the doors open, is Impossible really.  I've done the Impossible on some Opening Days... but NOT Today, NOT gonna happen... and so... I'll be hard pressed to get a lot of Good Shots myself and I want you to see how Wonderful everything looked in it's Pristine Vignettes... and so Cribbing the Imagery for Post No. One just seemed Right.  Hope you Enjoyed it... I'm Creating this Post at 4:00 a.m. since by 5:00 a.m. I'm getting The Force ready for School.  I'm bracing myself since she'll be bitchin' coz she's gotta Walk to School Today due to I'll be Show Bound after I dump him off at 6:45 a.m. in Beautiful Downtown Peoria... and I'll hafta be droppin' the News to him that it'll be a seriously Late Pick-Up.  *Uh Oh... double whammy bitchfest from both Kiddos coming!*  Ah well, the things we Caregivers Endure for our occasional Pleasure and brief taste of Freedom, huh?   And besides, it's barely two Weeks away from Christmas and I'm wanting to be very Good to myself just in case Santa isn't this year.  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Random Holiday Musings

It was good to finally recall where I'd stashed everything I'd wanted to decorate the house with, I felt positively Victorious!   I put things away so well sometimes that finding them again is like The Thrill Of The Hunt... only not quite as Thrilling and just a Hunt!  One that becomes just annoying as you rattle your brains trying to remember where in the Hell...???!?!!  *Winks*

For a Woman that now doesn't finish a sentence before drifting Off Topic and not even remembering what she began talking about, I suppose Finding anything again after my Memory lapses on it, is nothing short of Miraculous! *LOL*   So, a Christmas Miracle occurred and it only took me half of a day before the Epiphany came to me about the large Vintage Suitcase Trunk I'd stashed it all in right there in the Entry Hallway!   

You know, the big Black one that sat there hiding in plain sight all year with German Glitterized Scrabble Tiles spelling out CHRISTMAS sitting on top of it so that I wouldn't Forget the Contents of!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   Okay, so we've established that I don't look Down so much anymore.  Which is probably also why I once stepped on a Scorpion barefoot in said Hallway and smooshed it to Death before realizing Holy Crap and jumping back in better shape than said, now deceased and flattened, Scorpion!   So I probably should look Down more, but then I'd probably run into things!  *LOL*

Should it bother me that I'm now so overweight that I accidentally crushed a Scorpion to Death in a split second, when you almost can't kill those damned indestructible things by any other method... no matter how hard you try and even try to beat the living Hell out of them with deadly objects?  Well, sometimes I Confess that I do ponder that Truth!  *Winks*   This is Why I walk Fearlessly thru the Streets of the City I suppose, I pity the Fool... should I start to throw my weight around, they're doomed!!!  *LOL*


And of coarse this is MY Stocking... with a Mink and Bling Cuff, Leopard Print Velvety fabric with Bettie Page exclaiming "Hell yeah I've been Naughty...", but you probably figured that one out before I even told you, right?  *Winks*  I got this Stocking years ago in the Historic District of Downtown Glendale when they used to have an abundance of Antique Shops and Destination Shopping.  Sadly the area is in a state of decline and becoming blighted again.  I'd been told by Small Businesses that their greedy Landlords upped the rents too much and a paradigm shift happened as Businesses closed up Shop and had to moved out.  Now many Lovely Historic Buildings are boarded up and a once vibrant Community only has the occasional Festival that draws Crowds anymore.

I Hate when that happens... and hopefully it will revitalize in time before circling the drain completely, I so Miss being able to Shop there and having the really Wonderful Small Businesses I Supported for many years.   Do you have areas that did the same my Friends?  Short sighted greed can completely destroy a Community when only Commodity Based Thinking prevails.   I'm not opposed to making money and enjoying reasonable levels of Success, especially in Real Estate, but Sensible heads must prevail or things quickly go awry in that Industry and the backlash Costs us all dearly!   That's also why I have this Love-Hate Relationship with Gentrification too.  It can revitalize an area, but it can also be extremely destructive, like a plaugue of Locusts moving across the Land devouring everything in their path with their insatiable appetite for more!

I see the Gentrified areas of Downtown Phoenix and some of it is Good and some of it has consumed so much of what was an integral part of History and replaced it with what only the very wealthy can ever afford.    Who and what has been destroyed and displaced is anyone's guess in The Process.  The Process of who has the deepest pockets and most influential connections... and does what they will, because a lot of money buys options not available to just anyone, puts people in their pockets and absolute power absolutely corrupts.  So my Love-Hate Relationship with it all continues... it can't be stopped once it begins, so you might as well Roll with it.  If you have a Get Yours While There's Still Some Left Mentality, you might be able to get in on the ground floor... before you're Priced Out and excluded.

It happens in the Burbs too tho', I've been looking at the recent Comps of our Home and seen the price point go into the stratosphere already as the Market recovered sufficiently with Luxury Homes.   Not so much blood in the streets now for the current Buyer to make Bank, so, if we dump this joint, we'll do very well.  If the Value soars into the upper echelons of the stratosphere I could very easily fall out of Love with the place and Cash Out of Subdivision Hell and go back to a Simpler Lifestyle with NO debt load remaining and no HOA.  Yeah, I still Believe the HOA's to be The Devil... Hate 'em, never want another one in this Lifetime if I can convince The Man to go Nomad again!  *Winks*   

Not that I wanna go thru the enormous hassle of Moving again... it's too Epic when you get this much shit accumulated over a Lifetime!  *LOL*   Besides, it sure looks purdy around here, I ain't gonna lie, I am getting used to Lux Living after spending a lot of time in The Hood dealing with Urban Issues and all that nonsense.  I'd like to find some Historic Home again tho' that is NOT in a blighted area and can still be had for a reasonable price point that doesn't seem Crack induced!   Lord have Mercy the Gentrified areas must be smoking something with the price points they're asking for these puny abodes that you couldn't give away a mere five years ago!   You want WHAT!  *Yikes!*  The Die Hard Banker in me just won't be price gouged like that per sf of Real Estate! 

Why do you think the bottom has fallen out a few times and the bubble burst... with the Investors and Developers laughing all the way to the Bank while the Local Economies and Residents suffered tremendously for the short term greed and predatory lending practices!   And Why am I contemplating all of this at Christmastime my Friends, because Christmas should be about Giving.  Perhaps if those that have had huge economic gains Gave Back to the Communities that made them Rich and saw them as Communities and not just a Commodity, there would be Conscience and Benevolence behind the Development and Profits.  Just a Thought, we'd all be the Better for it, instead of constantly running Damage Control behind it.

You have to ask yourself in this Lifetime, what have you Done?  What have you Given... what have you Given Back... or have you just Taken?   To be sure there are those who are just Takers and are quite Content to just Take.  With the Open Hand always extended and a sense of Entitlement clouding their Conscience about what have they Given in return, if anything at all?  It's so easy to Take you see, much harder and Sacrificial to Give and Serve others, especially without an Agenda or any Expectations and strings attached.   And if it doesn't come Naturally and with the right motives and Joy, it can be a Process to Work upon being better at it, but it can be Learned with Practice.

The Joy of Giving and Serving cannot be measured though, it is a privilege to both be able to Give and to Serve, especially if you have lack, it can be tremendously Sacrificial as well.   But Givers always Gain, ALWAYS, it's that Divine Law of Reciprocity and even if you aren't a particularly Spiritual Person it will still Work in your Favor because Givers are always in Favor.   When people are Generous I have never seen them going without whatever they have True Need of, it comes to them through Reciprocity in the most unexpected of ways sometimes.   And those that are stingy and Takers, well, they usually always have a lack, an excuse and a complaint haven't you noticed?

And all they really have to do to turn it around is to take that Open Hand, the one they always expected other people to fill with something FOR them... and reverse it by extending that Open Hand filled with something to GIVE TO and for another instead.   Their whole World would then be Transformed, along with them being Transformed with it!!!   Their Hearts would be filled to Capacity also, with a Love and Caring about someone else... instead of a self-centered ego that is never, ever satiated and consumes constantly because it is never filled and will always have that Void that only Love can adequately fill.

I've moved thru many a difficult time in my Life, but having always Given, I never had a lack that wasn't filled, almost Miraculously and often Anonymously, by someone else who was a Giver too.   It's like a Tribe of sorts, Givers do Connect to one another as Like Minded Souls and collectively they can accomplish so much!   So we would like to constantly add to The Tribe, The Giving Tribe of people who Collectively can fill the Needs of Humanity one person at a time.  Being the Hands and Feet of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ here on this side of Time and Eternity.  It is after all WHY we Celebrate Christmas, isn't it, or it SHOULD be anyway.   I would be puzzled why any Unbeliever would Celebrate it at all actually, WHY?   Though I suppose some do... for whatever reason they Connect to The Season and Holiday?

But whatever reason you enter into Celebration I can Respect that and if you are Embracing all that is Good about it... all that the Spirit Of Giving should be... then you are part of the Solution rather than part of the Problem to the ills of the World I suspect.   You are very likely going to Give something to someone and there's no real down side to that extension of Love, of Generosity and Self Sacrifice since it will Cost you something... in Time, in Talents or in Treasures... and that's a Good Thing... ALL of the time!!!   You will be Rewarded, since the Divine Law of Reciprocity will always Outgive you... ALWAYS!  And it has no limits whatsoever so there is no End to what can be Given and that's a pretty Exciting thing too!

Luke 6:38King James Version (KJV)

38 Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.


Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Monday, December 11, 2017

A Merchant Square Christmas

So Today I'm Sharing the MERCHANT SQUARE ANTIQUE MALL Christmas Experience that I had over the Weekend.   It was so very Festive that I lingered a long while, which made me spend more money, but of coarse that's the POINT of Creating the right Atmosphere, right?!???!  *LOL*  

Several of the Merchants were having Sales so I got a Hand-Made Linen and Crocheted Lace Christmas Stocking for only $7 on Sale!   

I picked up some Hand-Dyed Seam Binding and some Jeanne d'Arc Living Christmas Magazines.  

A large Vintage Grain Sack Bolster Pillow...

A large Bolivian Coffee Sack that I will turn into another Bolster Pillow... the incredible hand-work on the Fabric Sides is Amazing so I couldn't Believe I Scored this for just over Two Bucks!!!  *Gasp!!!*   Can you only tell that Princess T was an unwilling 'Volunteer' to Model it for me?!   It's scratchy and I'm probably getting Hemp fibers all over my Black outfit she complained!  *LMAO*   Several soaks and washes in Fabric Softener and it will feel Soft as Linen!

During the 'Highland Yard Vintage' Event I Scored this Amazing Mercury Glass Ball Garland to string across the Fireplace Mantle here in the Library where I sit and Blog.   I had finally recalled where I'd stashed the Christmas Stockings I'd made and wanted to hang up there... and my Santa Hats... thus finishing up the Decorating of Villa Boheme'.  I'll be Sharing more of our Home's Christmas in another Post closer to Christmas Day.

For now there's a full Week ahead of Christmas Traditions, Activities, Events and Parties to attend so I'm Glad I got all the Gift buying done early!  *Whew!!!*  I'm basking in the Warm Glow of Christmas Ambiance Complete here at Home... I always feel so Good once I get all of the Decorating accomplished.  The very last detail is getting The Young Prince to reluctantly Volunteer to hang out the Upstairs Kitchen Window and hang the Vintage Santa Head off the Wrought Iron Railing under that Window!   Well, Hell, I'M NOT doing it!  Besides, I'll hold onto his legs... *LOL*  He already hung the one off The Juliet Room Balcony of Death and has tried to convince me that's enough Exterior Christmas hanging off the 2nd Floor... Really Gramma!  *Bwahahahahahahaha!!!*

Now if you think I'm Crazy, you should have seen several of the Neighbors up on their roofs this Week stringing Christmas Lights off their 2nd and 3rd Stories... OMG, I couldn't even watch!!!   So our Exterior Decor is feeble by comparison to how much Extreme Christmas Decorating is going on around here... and I just LOVE it!!!   After my Night Shift I often just drive around our Subdivision taking in the Lights and Decorations all lit up!

What I didn't know until I came Home from Work Sunday Night was that our Subdivision also Hosts a Light Parade that drives around the Neighborhood... one of Princess T's Friends video recorded it on her Phone and sent it to us so I could watch.  I'm Glad that The Force didn't miss it even tho' they didn't know it was Scheduled that Evening... they had a Lighted Rural Metro Fire Truck in front with Sirens to catch everyone's attention.   And various Neighbors had Decorated their Vehicles and Recreational Vehicles with Lights for the Parade procession... such Fun!


Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian
A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

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