Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Book Hoarder... Um, I Mean Collector... Winks

You know how there are those particular Habits you fully realize you'll never be Cured of... and don't really wanna be either?   Well, mine happens to be Collecting Books, Decor and Style Books in particular, tho' I do have other topics and Books I have added to the Collection, since I'm no Purist on topics.  Thus I freely confess to being a Book Hoarder... um, I mean Collector!  *Winks*

I am rather Obsessive about acquiring Good Books, usually secondhand or via Online Discount Suppliers, since full blown Retail on Quality Books has gotten ridiculously expensive.   Some of my Books aren't even in English, I don't Care, if the Images are breathtaking they speak a 1,000 Words that transcends language barriers.   Some of my Rarest, out of Print Books, are in fact hard to find Foreign issues.  Such as Jeanne Bayol's incredible French Books on Gypsy Roulottes {Vardo Waggons}.

I have some Favorite Authors, who are also Favorite Designers, that I've Collected almost anything they've Published, such as Sibella Court, Jeanne Bayol, Selina Lake, Mary Randolph Carter, Nina Hartmann, Brooke Giannetti, Fifi O'Neill and Rachel Ashwell.  There are so many others I only Wish had Published more, because I Love what Books I have of theirs and of coarse their Style and Aesthetic!

Because for me the sense of Style and Inspiration it imparts in each Decor Book is why they provide Timeless Collection Value.   There are some Images I've been Inspired by for DECADES in certain Books, such as the Style Aesthetic of such Designer and Stylist Icons as Carol Hicks Bolton and Michael Trapp.  I Love their sense of Style and their particular Authentic Aesthetic as much now as when I first laid Eyes upon it many years ago!   Of coarse over the years I've discovered more Designers and Stylists and Styles I J'Adore!

Some Evolve in their Aesthetic over Time or Experiment with various Styles, some do not, it's all Good.  Metamorphosis and Experimentation happens and sometimes it has to over Time.  With others their Signature Style needs NO Transformation being necessary whatsoever, it's simply Timeless and stands alone!  In fact if a Signature Style I J'Adored Transforms too much I almost Freak Out sometimes, since I can fall out of Love when it no longer resembles what it originally was that drew me to it!

And of coarse some Styles I Love to LOOK at and fully Appreciate even if my Home will never quite resemble that Style ever.  Yes, in the Past I have Experimented with Trying On a New Style so different than my own Aesthetic, for a Change and to see how it Fit and Felt?   Sometimes the Fit was Okay for a Season, sometimes it just wasn't Authentic to me and so wasn't as Comfortable to Live around full time, so I usually come full circle and back to my Roots and Center!

Example would be Sibella Court's and Carol Hicks Bolton's Signature Styles I could Live with all of my Life... Perfect Fit for us.   But I tried the Colorless Palette that Visually I am drawn to and absolutely Love LOOKING at and fully Appreciate... but we couldn't do it!   Nope, tried it, Loving the Brocante Style and even the Palette, but Color kept creeping into my World and Quirkiness as well, since that's more Authentic to Self in my Design Choice of feathering our Nest.

I Love Rachel Ashwell's sense of Style and how Romantic and Inviting the Shabby Chic Brand portrayed a Home.  I did it for a brief Season and made a lot of Money off Selling it all Off when I realized that with just a few exceptions, it wasn't going to Work at Bohemian Valhalla, it felt like someone else's House.   I still Love her Style... along with the French Nordic and Brocante Style... so I do incorporate a few of those Loves into melding with our own Quirkier and more Colorful, Bohemian Macabre Style.

I fully realize that MY Style isn't seen in too many Decor Books since it probably would not Appeal to many, perhaps just a few, and that's perfectly Okay with me.   I have a personal fascination and Obsession with Curiosities and the Weird and Wonderful of Life, the Oddities if you will.   So I'd have much more in common if perhaps Morticia Addams were the Author of a Style Book!  *LOL*

I have fortunately, due to the Power that is Online Networking, met other Kindred Spirits who Connect with what I Love and 'Get' me.   That hasn't happened a whole lot in Real Life just randomly meeting people.  So I think Our Tribe is not such a Huge one, or at least not large enough you run into them in person often unless there might be some unknown Location they've all gravitated to and set up a Quirky Community?!   If you happen to know where that actually IS, I'd Love to know tho'!?   Would mos def add it to my Bucket List or perhaps contemplate buying the Forever Home there??!!!  *Winks* 

For now tho' the only thing I'm contemplating Seriously is adding more Bookshelf Space since my current Library is rather overloaded and overflowing with Books.  I did a great Purge recently and filled up Showroom #114 at our Antique Mall with the Excess, but what I have now I want to Keep for now, so added Space to properly house them might expand to the Meditation Room remodel.  I could pull every Zen Inspired Decor Book and add it to that Room, freeing up Space here in the Library.


Blessings, Light, Love and Peace from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Monday, February 19, 2018

Not A Good Funk Like The P Funk... But A G Funk

It's a good thing I was able to pre-schedule a bunch of Positive Event Posts to hit for a few days since I've been in a Deep Funk.   Not a Good Funk like the P Funk, George Clinton Style Pure Psychedelic Funk... where ya wants to get Funked Up.  But a G Funk as in Gramma is in a Deep crappy Funk that she's having a difficult time pulling out of.   Since Villa Boheme' tends to bring it on with my continued Love-Hate Relationship with this place and sometimes just being overwhelmed with it.  A place that some days I just despise... and as time goes on I find I just Miss my Historic Home even MORE instead of even less!  So being stuck here don't help one iota and I get mired in the G Funk, usually for a few dreadful days that can seem eternal!

I also had to fulfill the Obligation of taking Princess T on her Girl's Day Out to The Mall since I'd taken her Brother to the Renaissance Festival last Weekend.  The Mall... like entering the bowels of Hell with a Pre-Demonic Tween Girl in tow whose Mood can turn on a dime... what a Joy Forever that is my Friends!   But I mustered myself out of my G-Funk Lair, The Bed, where I had been languishing and trying to just Sleep it Off for a couple days.  Which sometimes Works if people leave me alone long enough to take the Edge off the G Funk.  I tried Cheerfulness on for the Day, but I had a foreboding that The Mall Experience was, however, gonna be an Ordeal regardless of how Fun I tried to make it for her.  I wasn't proven wrong... and it didn't take all that long for it to become one!  Princess T often has many Moods in a day and she can't pick just one and stick with it!

Even with the Allure of being able to freely spend some of Gramma's Money as a Special Treat to herself and go into all her Favorite Shops it went downhill and sideways fast, like greased lightening FAST!   Shops which I loathe by the way, since they're filled with numerous Prissy Parents and their own Pre-Demonic Tweens acting the Fool.  Kids that the Adults cannot control coz they wanna be their 'buddy' instead of a freakin' PARENT!  In the melee that was Claire's she became instantly Malcontent, Melancholy and extremely Moody!   Claire's was having a buy 3 get 3 FREE Sale you see... decisions... decisions... decisions... she got up to 5 and she stalled in perpetual indecisiveness!  OMG, here we go, the countenance on her Face had soured and gone Negative as she moped around in a Walking Dead Trance NOT making any decision now, shuffling along with The Face!

You know that 'Face', the one of Tween Angst and Tortured Misery imposed by Sensory Overload I suppose since getting to have Six things isn't like getting to have EVERYTHING!   Those Shops Inspire such Misery and Wanting since they set the Kiddos and their Families up for blatant consumerism since no damned Kid is gonna wanna walk out without their 3 FREE things, right?   And yet, what if they really can't decide on 6 damned things they can't live without?!?  Apparently there were only 5 damned things Princess T couldn't live without and so Thing Six was agonizing and Testing her Choosing Skills to the max!  After about ninety-nine aimless walks around a too crowded Boutique spilling over with hyped up or Emotionally deteriorating Tween Girls and their exasperated Parents, I'd had enough, I threw a Hippie Headband for ME into her basket and called it a Day!  *LOL*

One would think she would have caught on and gotten the gist that she was Testing Gramma's Patience and Endurance for The Mall Experience.  By now I didn't Care anymore and I sure as Hell wasn't having Fun anymore, NOBODY was having Fun anymore anyway, that was crystal clear, I couldn't wait to abort the Mission!   Just give me one good reason... and she did... she wanted to brave Hot Topic's Sale, which was way worse than Claire's since they'd crammed more customers into that tiny Shop than a Tokyo Subway Car!  I don't want that many Strangers, especially the Hot Topic Crowd, touching me and pressed up against me because we're just that cozy crammed in there like Sardines!   The overpriced Hoodies were on Sale, buy one at a ridiculous price and get the 2nd for Five Bucks.  She picked out some Gothic Hoodies and I tried to stand in the insane line that snaked thru the whole Shop and seemingly had no real End or semblance of where the End of it actually WAS?!?

I definitely had no Peace by now and absolutely no Hope I could not have a full blown Anxiety Attack in there, I felt like they all were breathing my air, sucking the Oxygen right out of it, it was stifling!  I ditched the Hoodies and before she could protest or make the fatal mistake of talking smack to me after I was already now pissed off, she had to try to keep up with me as I Exited the Mall Stage Left hastily.  She has been around me long enough to know what to do, if she doesn't make it to that Truck at least by the time I do, if not sooner, one less bell to answer, one less egg to fry!  I've been known to leave a Petulant or Sneaky Ass Teen at the Mall in my Past, just ask her Mother!  *Winks*   Phoenix is Hot and it's a long walk to the Boonies of Subdivision Hell, tho' I'm Sure Grandpa would have made me go back to get her, he did when it was her Mother!  *LOL*

Today was definitely NOT the Day to pull the stunt of Teen Angst to ruin a Girl's Day Out for yourself, but, at least we'd had a nice Breakfast that went Well beforehand at a Restaurant Together, when she was still being Nice and Getting Along and Playing Well With Others.   And, she did Score 5 things from Claire's, plus some Cheap Bracelets... and I got me an Awesome Hippie Headband... so I suppose it wasn't a total Disastrous Ordeal of a 'Fun' Day Out attempt with your Tween Grandchild.   And tho' I still don't have a Good Funk like The P Funk, the G-Funk is slowly dissipating to tolerable levels where being Awake isn't Awful.

And she Cheered Up the moment she got back Home so I suspect that The Mall Experience just put her on Sensory Overload to where she couldn't quite handle it... which is totally understandable... coz I couldn't handle it either my Friends!  Prematurely aborting the whole 'Fun' Girl's Day Out, that rolling thru the Mall with a Tween Girl prone to Emotional instability entails, well... it was really a 'Given', I mean, what was I thinking?   But it was HER Day and so I let her choose the venue... and The Renaissance Festival really wasn't Appealing to her, which I totally expected that too.   And I'm SURE it didn't Help that Gramma was struggling with The G-Funk but didn't wanna break a Promise.  So perhaps our next Quality Time Together attempt will go better?  Or mebbe she'll find someone else willing to take one for the Team and let her Torture THEM at the Mall, who knows?  *LOL*

via: Pocket Full Of Heirlooms... which has the Coolest Stuff EVER!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sweet Salvage ~ Rustic Luxe Part IV

So, if I don't manage to get back down there this is the Finale' Post of the 'Rustic Luxe' Event at The Sweet.   I forgot I had Promised Princess T her own Girl's Day Out over the Weekend and it's looking likely we'll be Mall bound!  The Tweens do Love The Mall!  *Le Sigh*   She had initially thought about The Renaissance Festival, but it's not really her 'Thing' and spending money at The Mall sounded much more enticing to her!  *Smiles*

So my Thursday Opening Day jaunt might have been the only chance I'll get, which is Okay really.    The one thing I had to leave behind that I truly would have Loved to have been able to afford was this Taxidermy Armadillo.   I have a Showroom and Booth at 'The Brass Armadillo Antique Mall' so it seemed particularly appropriate!  *Smiles*   Alas, Dead Armadillos don't come cheaply.

And it's important for me not to go over Budget since I'm still saving up for The Young Prince's Driving Lessons.   How I'll find enough for a second vehicle and insuring it with a Teen Man Child behind the wheel is a whole other Story!  *Le Sigh*   But he does really Need to learn to drive and it will be a Blessing for me to have a second Driver in the household again.

The Man will never be able to drive again and so that makes me the Lone Ranger when it comes to providing all transportation for the Family, so I'd like one more person to be able to drive again.   To have someone else who can take anyone to their Appointments or run an errand for me would be Huge!

But the level of Driving School I want him to have is spendy and so I've been Saving Up for it so that he gets the best instruction possible.  They also go with them to take the Test and ensure they receive a License, plus my Insurance rate will be discounted for him if he takes and passes the Lessons.

It's been so long since I've done such things with a Young Adult that I just didn't have it in me to teach him how to drive either.   Not to mention they bring a Car and that will be way easier for him to learn in than my huge Nissan Titan Truck, which even an Experienced Driver sometimes has trouble handling or parking!

Plus he's aching to find Work now that he's out of School and really I don't want to be his mode of Transportation back and forth from a Job every day... that would be like having a Full Time Job outside of the Home again myself!  Not to mention Rush Hour commuting back and forth from the Rural Burbs into the City isn't exactly my Favorite thing in the whole wide World to do daily!  Nope, I'd rather be attending an Event... Winks...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Sweet Salvage ~ Rustic Luxe Part III

So, one of the other items I bought at the Event was this Deer Skull, it was a Smaller Specimen and I intend to put Vintage Millinery and Antique Bling on it.  We like Skullies around here and Dressing them up, like the Taxidermy Specimens.   The Man is an avid Hunter but he usually discarded all the bones and just brought Home the meat for us to eat.  Mostly because the time it takes to get clean and make sanitary the bones isn't a quick Process.

So when he used to go Hunting he'd leave anything behind for the Scavenger Animals to consume that we couldn't eat or use immediately.   In recent years, since his traumatic brain injury, he hasn't Hunted much at all and so it's just easier for me to buy whatever Taxidermy or Skullies I want to Decorate our Home with.  He never was a Trophy Hunter anyway, he always Hunted strictly for Food for the Family.

So I was Jazzed to get my Skully at a very reasonable price, since I wasn't exactly even trying to Source a Skully.   In fact, this Show I didn't have an Agenda for anything specific in Mind.   I'd really rather attend with no Wish List because then you sometimes overlook things you weren't looking for specifically!

No. 1 Santos Crown with Frozen Charlotte
No. 2 Santos Crown with Big Pearl

 I bought a couple of Artisan Created Santos Crowns that Designer Cynthia's Sister Creates, they are Amazing and it's so difficult to choose a favorite, so I bought two this time!  Besides, one can never have too many Santos Crowns around the house, Right?  *LOL*  

And I'm always seeking Vintage Halloween items since they are so Rare, so when I found this WWII Vintage Halloween Ring The Cat's Tail Puzzle Game I had to have it!   The Designer had several of these Games, but not all of them were Halloween Inspired.  The fact these fragile Cardboard, Brass and Glass Kid's Games still exist and were in such great shape after all these years, is Amazing!

The Succulent Displays were Awesome, this one was planted in a big Antique Rusted Metal Suitcase.   Since it had been raining the plants in the Courtyard Vignettes looked so fresh and healthy, still glistening with raindrops.

Meanwhile everything inside was a Beautiful meld of Rustic and Luxe, which can be very complimentary to one another despite being polar opposites of Style!  It can look very High End and yet Comfortable and Down to Earth with the blend of both Aesthetics.

I Loved the Upholstered Furniture that was a blend of Luxurious Leathers and Rustic Hides, like this Club Style Sofa.   I have an over-sized Armchair at Home like that which I bought many Shows ago and we just Love it. 

The Bohemian in me Loved this Vignette's Styling...

And that Vintage Industrial Time Card Holder behind the Fan was Awesome!

If I wasn't Plus Sized I would definitely add several pieces from the Boutiques into my existing Wardrobe!

But I was Content with what I did Score during this Event, very Satisfied with my Outcome and the Show will run thru Sunday Afternoon so you still have time to get there yourselves my Friends!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Friday, February 16, 2018

Sweet Salvage ~ Rustic Luxe Part II

The multi-tasking of Posts is working out quite well actually, it makes it easier for me to remember which Images I've already Shared and spread out the coverage of an Event quickly and more efficiently.  Having several apps open at the same time was easier than I thought it would be also, it made loading the Images effortless and less complicated than doing a Post at a time.

Since fixing the resolution of my pictures is so convoluted now with the new Camera, bouncing from Facebook to my Photo Archives and onto Blogger, it takes more time to do just that part.   So I've been having an Issue with not wanting to Blog as much because of it.  I think the multi-post is just the solution to stay motivated about Blogging regularly.

I like to Blog, but when the Process becomes more Complex, I find I don't do it nearly as often as when it was Simpler.   In fact, the older I get the less inclined I am to deal with Complexity and desire more Simplicity in all things.  Perhaps my already taxed Patience is waning when things become more difficult?  So I like to find solutions that make it so that what I like doesn't fall by the wayside just because it's become more Complicated and thus frustrating for me.

So, Problem Solved when I've had Event Coverage, now that I can Work upon several Posts simultaneously and not forget which Images have already been Shared and which have not?  You see, fixing resolution of every single Image means that my Photo Archives have two of every pix, the original and the FB altered one that will now interface with Blogger and be accepted.

My Dear Younger Brother, the Professional Photographer, tried to explain to me over the Phone how to fix the resolution on my actual Camera.  OMG, my Eyes glazed over during the conversation, it was like he was talking a foreign language I didn't understand or speak at all!  *LOL*   He was talking about pixels and various resolution jargon that Pro Photographers can easily grasp... and us Amateur Tech Challenged ones simply cannot fathom!  *Le Sigh*

We can't have this conversation, it's just not making any sense to me, Thanks for trying tho' Bro'!  *LOL*  I felt very similar to this at Princess T's dreaded Parent-Teacher Conferences with her various Teachers.  This year she has a different Teacher for each subject plus extra Teachers for her Special Education Tutoring Classes.   It was a lot of Teachers and they're all very Nice and so Sweet, they Care very much and are trying hard with her.  She's just not a very Good Student Academically, Bless her Heart.

I knew the Report Card was not going to be Good, but it was worse in a couple classes than I even expected, she's really struggling now in Math and Science.  Tho' her Reading has improved dramatically, that had been the worst struggle previously and now was her Best and most Passing Grade!   I was quite Proud of that progress and hard Work she'd put into her Reading to try to catch up to the other Students.

Tho' it did break my Heart when they gave me her Goal Sheet that had her answers to Questions like what are you Good at in School... and her answer was Nothing.  The only thing she said she was Good at was Talking... and her other Goal was not to Talk so much because that gets her into Trouble. *Le Sigh*  So, the only thing she Believes she's Good at she has to set a Goal to do less of!  Being good at Socializing is her Popularity Status that puts her on a more level playing field with other Students who are Good academically.

 Because she's always been in Special Ed and far behind her peers academically she thinks that she is Stupid and often says that Teachers like the Smart Kids best so she Wishes she was Smarter.   She's Embarrassed so much about not understanding and being so far behind that she fails to ask for Help, lest everyone know she's not 'getting it', even with Resource Classes.  Just being in Special Ed Classes all thru School has set her apart in many ways and no Kid wants to be thought of as 'different' in a Negative way, especially Socially and Intelligence wise.

The thing is she IS a very Intelligent Child, she's just not a Good Student Academically and she's painfully aware of that fact.  For her everything is more Work and a lot more Challenging and takes an excruciating long time to do.  She has to Work twice as hard and often still gets crappy Grades or cannot finish on time or at all.  So she's come to a place where sometimes she gives up and doesn't try at all, she sees no point if the end result is still dismal.  It doesn't Help much that Grandpa and I are Dinosaurs when it comes to Modern Education and being able to assist her with School Work!

But being the Pretty and Popular Girl has Worked for her and so Socializing has taken a higher Priority, even at School, so we're just going to have to Work on that.  We're going to have to Work upon Self-Esteem and seeing herself in a Positive Light where she is convinced she's Smart enough and just Learns a different kind of way, which is Okay.  Yes, it was another tough Conference, but I do Believe the set of Teachers she has this year are in her Corner and genuinely Like her... so that's half the battle.


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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