Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sweet Salvage ~ Sixer Upper ~ Part III

Yeah, I know I ended with this Image on the last Post, but I totally dig my Friend Anne's Drugstore Indian Display of her 'Dos Fannies' Line of Jewelry, so I'm leading off with it today.

So many uber talented Artisans stock the Boutique that if you can't find something you can't Live without, I'm gonna check your pulse to make sure you are still Alive?!?  *Smiles*   I almost always get 'stuck' in the Boutique area, no telling what other Treasures I've missed out on when I go into a Bohemian Bling Trance and stand mezmerized and fixated?  *LOL*

Lord knows I don't Need any more bling, but that certainly doesn't stop me Wanting more, my Mom was similarly afflicted, so I'm pretty sure I inherited that trait and genome from her?  *Winks*   I didn't inherit a lot of her jewelry, it was passed around the Family, everyone knew I had tons of my own.  *Smiles*  But she bought me bling for every Birthday and on this Birthday I fondly recalled that and missed seeing what she might have Surprised me with?

Mom gave Good Presents, Gift Giving was mos def her Love Language so she Delighted in receiving them too, to her it always showed that others Loved her. Mine I think would be Acts Of Service (Devotion), when someone does something for me or is devoted to me, it always shows me their Love in Action.  In case you've never explored the five Love Languages here they are:

  • gift giving,
  • quality time,
  • words of affirmation,
  • acts of service (devotion),
  • and physical touch.

Now to be sure any of them are excellent attributes to give and to receive, but I think we all tend to gravitate more strongly to a particular one even if we don't understand why.   It took me a while to learn that everyone has a different one and theirs might not be identical to mine.   So discovering what theirs is when you've invested in relationship, is important so that they Feel The Love.

Otherwise there can be some confusion and mixed signals if for example someone always says they Love you, because their Love Language is Words Of Affirmation, but yours happens to be Physical Touch and you'd much prefer that Hug and it would Speak volumes to you in a more Meaningful way that would make you Feel The Love.

I thought a lot about Mom, this Birthday particularly, because we used to always spend our Birthdays Together doing something Special.  It made me quite Emotional when I visited some of our mutual Fav Haunts on my Birthday, I Wish she could have been there with me and Enjoying it too.  

Ours could be a tumultuous relationship at times, but when you Truly Love someone, that can happen and not phase you enough to be estranged or give up on each other.  I've Loved some difficult and high maintenance people and they could say the same about their relationship with ME I suppose.  *Winks*

I mean, come on now, which of us can Honestly say we're this Perfect Person and it's just that easy to be in a relationship with us?  If you're keeping it 100% you probably realize your own Quirks enough to know that for other people, they could become a bane of their existence if they weren't extending Grace towards you sometimes.

Oh No, NOT ME Dawn, you might be saying to yourself... well, lemme talk candidly with your Friends and Family and we'll see about that.  *Winks*  And yet, they Love you in spite of your faults and weaknesses and that's what makes Love so Grand... it can overlook a multitude of Sins can't it?   It's only when we are not invested in someone that we typically can't tolerate certain things... because in reality we don't Want to and so we don't.

Haven't there been times you've met someone that kinda irked you at first, or mebbe you didn't even Like them... but then when you got to Know them, you developed a good relationship and your tolerance level went way up?  Cultivating a relationship can lead to Love because it is a Choice to Love, that's why you can fall OUT of Love.

And we've all done that too, fallen out of Love with someone, or them with us, I know I have, got some exes to prove it.  *Winks*   Had some Friendships fallen by the wayside too when it just wasn't working out for either them or I, and that's all Okay, it happens.   Anyone that can leave was never tied to the other person's Destiny anyway.

I bet you didn't know we'd get so 'Deep' with the Topic of this Post did you?  You thought we'd just be meandering thru the Show talking about all the Stuff of Life we accumulate because we Love IT, right?  *Winks*  Well, I've fallen in and out of Love with Stuff too, haven't you?

Sure, some things abide, my Curious Nature has always had an affinity for the Weird and Wonderful, Oddity or Natural Element, which is why I can get excited about Scoring a new Egg for my Cabinet of Curiosities!  *LOL*  This enormous speckled Tan Egg, which I think is from a Southern Cassowary, it's the first one I have and looks great beside my Emu and Ostrich Eggs.  Yep, got this at the Show on Saturday, couldn't resist it because I didn't have one!  Made we Wonder which Designer has Cassowary at Home?  *Bwahahahaha!*

But haven't you been totally infatuated with someone or something at one time and now, well, not so much, if at all?   I can be very fickle with my infatuations actually, by the very definition of infatuation being a short-lived Passion that is not so surprising!   You just have to maintain Passion and for some people and some things, that's a lot of Work and I can be Lazy and just not that Committed.

I don't have a Commitment Issue, I can be Committed to a Fault actually, but for some things and some people I just couldn't maintain that level of Commitment necessary to still have it or them around anymore.   Or perhaps there never was a real Commitment at all, it just never developed.  I've experimented with Styles often and ditched them if they weren't a Good Fit, sometimes relationships with people can be that way too, just not a Good Fit.

But for those things or people we're deeply invested in, well, it can be hard to just move on and detach.   I have bought some things for example that were a sacrificial investment to have and so just detaching was difficult, even tho' it was just a Thing.   One would have thought it was a person as much agony as the detachment phase was for me!  *LOL*

But I was deeply invested in it, and thus, attached... strongly.   Do you know I still drive by The Old Homestead often, just to see her still standing and knowing she's getting a good rehab that she's Needed for too many years?  So I have a range of conflicting Emotions about it... of Happiness for the property getting a Full Restoration and Sadness that she's not mine anymore and I couldn't have been the one to do it.

It has in fact interfered with my ability to Attach properly to New Villa Boheme' and I know it, like having a Love Affair with two people, it doesn't work out so well to have a Love Affair with two properties either if you can't detach from the former and invest totally to the present one! *Smiles*  I think I'll get there eventually, it's just going to take some time to Move On and Heal from Letting Go of something Beloved that is no longer mine.

No longer mine... that can be a tough pill to swallow sometimes can't it, when something or someone is no longer ours?   Yeah, we wanna Possess... have an Ownership of sorts to that which we have invested ourselves in and bonded with for a time.  I can be Possessive sometimes and Protective all the time, I know that about me, about my stuff and my people, don't mess with what's mine or we'll have a Situation. *Smiles*

I do Wish I Possessed a Beach House... especially after seeing some of the Beach Cottage Styled Vignettes!   *Swooning*   Beach Style just doesn't Fit residing in a Desert, no Ocean... plenty of Beach but the Water Element is lacking.  *LOL*  In all seriousness, I have always Fantasized about owning a Cottage on the Beach... not BY the Beach, but ON the Beach, I'm very picky about my Imaginary Fantasies.  *Winks*

This Vintage Industrial Style Table with the Driftwood Style Seats was Sublime, never seen anything quite like it and tho' I don't Need any more Tables and Chairs arrangements, IF I had that Beach Cottage... well, you know... would have to have it!!!  *Ha ha ha*

I can get really 'Deep' into my Fantasies, Imagining Decorating and Styling entire Imaginary Homes on the Canvas of my Imagination.  You wouldn't Believe how many Fantasy Homes I've completely Styled and Decorated in my Head!   I don't think I could be a Designer or Stylist tho' and you wanna know why?   Because Heaven't Forbid I would Style and Decorate somebody else's Home that turned out better than my own... I'd have to kick them out and take over, move in, and have to then Sell my place, that's why!   And I think that would be bad for Business, No?*Bwahahahaha!!!*  

Yeah, word of mouth would soon get around and Clients would be too nervous to risk me getting hold of their place, just in case I got too Attached to the Outcome and kick them to the curb.  *Winks*   Yes, I CAN Style or Decorate just for the Fun of it, but I'm always rather Sad, when I've Styled a place that turned out Awesome, to then change it, especially often!   So I don't make a good Stylist or even a good Retailer slash Merchandiser in that regards.

The same with our own Home, when I get it Just Right, I am loathe then to change it up very often.  Right now it is nearing Just Right and it will thus probably not go thru too much Transformation beyond what currently is!  Well, Downstairs anyway, Upstairs is still pretty much a Blank Canvas waiting to be Transformed into The Vision... whatever that is, I keep changing my Mind so I'm delaying acting upon anything until I'm more decisive about it.

Okay, so the Meditation Room, I have so much inner conflict going on right now on how I want to Style that Space, I cannot even begin to tell you!   I want it Zen and yet I want it Carnivale Fun and Funky too.  I don't want it to look like just any Meditation Room, I Need to put my Stamp on what a Bohemian Valhalla Meditation Room would encompass!  And so it will go over the top a smite... okay, more than a smite, it WILL BE over the top and in your face, yet Zen... I know... don't ask.  

You wanna know something subliminally hilarious, every time I type Meditation Room, becoz I type so fast I almost accidentally type MEDICATION Room instead every time... and that is kinda a Freudian Slip I'm certain!?!  *Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!*   Since The Young Prince can no longer be Medicated perhaps I just think mebbe I should be then, I dunno?  *LOL*

I mean he's doing Okay, except for when he's NOT, then he's Snarky as Hell, but way better than we expected sans meds.  So I don't wanna seem ungrateful for the Miracle that he's even tolerable and functional most of the time!  *Smiles*   He likes his new Glasses and now that he can actually SEE, he's wearing them all of the time.  He resisted his Glasses before and I think he might have broke the original pair on Purpose, just sayin'... but these he likes and besides, it makes him look Sophisticated, so he's Rolling with it Happily.

When the Kiddos Need such things as Glasses or Braces or College I Panic just a little being we're basically unemployed and on a fixed income now.  He has the Glasses, which Thankfully their Insurance thru Adoption Court paid half of, and we're working on the College Tuition as we speak... so I almost shit Kittens when he was Eyeballing his Teeth in the Truck Mirror and asking me if I thought he might need Braces?!?  *Yikes*   No, your Teeth look more Interesting crooked... am I going to Hell for such a response, I dunno?!?  *LOL*

And then there's Princess T chiming in from the back seat to ask, quite Seriously, as Kids do, "When I'm ready for College will you and Grandpa be totally out of money?"   Shit... I'm Sorry, it struck me as hilarious even tho' it could be Truth, becoz lets face it, when you are Grandparents and already Great-Grandparents you were out of money for such things as bankrolling Kid's Glasses and Braces and College a LONG time ago, weren't ya?!?  *LMAO*

Such is the hilarity and irony of Mi Vida Loca... but I'm Guardedly Optimistic that everything will be alright in the end... and if it's not, then it's clearly not the end.   To be Continued... so ya'll come back now, ya hear?


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Sweet Salvage ~ Sixer Upper ~ Part II

Today you are NOT gonna get Balanced Coverage of the Event, because I was quite fixated on certain genres of items at almost the exclusion of everything else!   I can wear blinders like that sometimes when I'm having a Moment while Shopping and just want to spend time around what I like best.

I was having Lustfests with various items that I knew I couldn't buy and therefore wouldn't buy this day, but I could Photograph the Hell out of them!  *Smiles*   And so I did... because likely someone else would buy them and at least then I could have the Images.  But damn, I wouldda liked to have brought this one Home, but my return trip on Saturday was for ONE item of Bling for my Birthday... and it wasn't this one.

And the reason for that was that I wouldn't wear these, as Gorgeous as they are, I would Display them around Villa Boheme', which is Okay, but I wanted Bling to Wear AND to Display.   Though in hindsight if I happen to come into some Cash unexpectedly, one of these might have to come Home with me if Shelly doesn't sell them all?!?   Probably the Virgin Of Guadalupe one... *Winks*

The Man had been very Satisfied with my choice of Antique Barrister Bookcase and though I ran the Budget in that Needed direction, there was a Want lingering on my Mind.   You know how it is when you can't get something off your Mind and it's rather driving you Crazy?   Well, it was like THAT... because I was having remorse for walking away from a particular piece that I wanted to give myself as a 60th Birthday Pressy.   It hadn't helped that The Daughter in Mexico told me she thought it was outstanding and she Loved it too.

I do think of the Inheritance Factor that one day, the extended Family will receive what I leave behind, since my Hearse will not have a U-Haul trailing behind it.  *Winks*  If Future Generations can Enjoy something long after I have, well, it just seems like a better Investment in the long haul... and so I was really Hoping that The Sacred Heart Antique Reliquary Necklace hadn't been Sold?!   My Friend Cyndie who Creates them said she figured I must have put my Mojo all over it since several Shoppers had Wanted it, but none actually bought it.  *LOL*

It's a well known Fact that if I REALLY REALLY Want something and cannot buy it right away I'll do that you know... put my Mojo all over something!  *LMAO*  It's kind of a repellent of sorts and Shoppers won't even know why they're unable to buy something they're Seriously Admiring and yet don't pop on it!  *Winks*   So Yes, now it's MINE ALL MINE... tho' I did Panic a little bit when I first sped to the Boutique and couldn't locate it right away, my own Heart sank more than a little bit thinking it might have Sold!   So, Yeah, Talana, now this will be part of the Inheritance one day... you all can throw down for it!  *Winks*

After the pressure was off and I'd procured what I came for specifically, then I could just be laid back and Enjoy the Event.  Though I did linger in the Boutique like FOREVER... just because... I'm a Human Magpie and all the Shiny Things kinda Hypnotize me like that!  *Smiles*   So there I was in a Bohemian Bling Trance of sorts and not really moving away, so a slew of my Photos are Bling related and that's no mere coincidence, it's where I spent most of my time!

And besides, the best of my Images always seem to be the Close-Ups of the items I am most drawn to.  Most of the other Images I have taken are mediocre at best and at worst they just suck and are unworthy for Blog fodder or coverage of any kind that would justify the Inventory or the spectacular Vignettes!    I Wish I could say that all my Photography is on point, but alas, it is not and I usually don't even realize that until I'm downloading at Home later.

And I'm striving to be a better Editor in all kinds of ways, which includes being Editorial about what Images I Share and which ones I just don't even bother coz they're not up to par.   I am Hopeful that the ole' Blog is Improving steadily and not going downhill in Quality of Posts.   Lately I've wanted to Blog and yet not really been up to it 100%... I Wish Blogging were as effortless as Photography is for me.   But with Blogging sometimes I'm 'On' and sometimes I'm 'Off' and yet I'm busy doing Life and finding plenty of Blog fodder during that Journey, so I start falling way behind the Eight Ball.

I did pick up one of the Roosters Girlfriends when I went back, along with buying her Lovely Wreath, which I totally dug too and she looked so stinkin' Cute Modeling so that Sold me on it.  Taxidermy usually has gotten so expensive now that I have to just Pass on almost any I've fallen in Love with, so it was refreshing to have Fair and reasonable prices that I could afford.   I know that Taxidermy isn't for everyone, some people Hate it, but I am always on the lookout for Interesting Specimens to join the Villa Boheme' Family if they are within Budget.

So now she's reunited with her Boyfriends and sitting happily upon her Nest between them on the Antique Barrister Bookcase, which The Man has filled with his Novel Collection.   He did lament that now he has to go to sleep with Chickens staring at him!  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!!!!*   But he did agree they are hilarious looking and make us all Smile... I think Princess T has dubbed them The Creepy Carnival Chickens!   *LOL*   I don't know why she thinks they came from a Carnival... I can't remember the last Carnival I EVER went to that even had any Chickens, how about you?  *Bwahahahaha!*

On purpose I didn't eat Breakfast before leaving the house Saturday because I knew I wanted to hit the Bakery there again... the selection is Sublime my Friends and the taste... Heavenly!!!   You have to show up early since Customers are literally buying boxes full and taking it Home to have get togethers with their Friends.   I think I Need to come home to their house judging by how generously they're loading up to Create a spectacular spread at Home to Host their Guests!!!  *Smiles*

The Dear Lady in front of me in line almost bought all of one of the Confections I had decided I wanted to Sample because it looked so delish, I was holding my breath that there would be at least one left?!  Thankfully there was and I was second in line, so close call... *Whew!*  In fact, I couldn't decide upon just one item and besides, I was ravenously hungry since it was past 10:00 am and I'd been up for hours without having eaten Breakfast, so this was practically Brunch now for me!  *Ha ha ha*

Alright, so here's what I brought back to my table and believe me, they looked even more delicious in Real Life than in the Image!   The Prosciutto Croissant had a Sweet and Savory filling of Fruit {Peaches I think} and a Cream Cheese, the Prosciutto was glazed with Honey I think... OMG... so glad that Lady hadn't bought them all!  That could become one of my Fav Breakfast items EVER!  That little Tart in the front... Sublime and the Fresh Herbs on top were Crunchy which was an unexpected texture I really liked.

And last, but certainly not least, the Fresh Berry Scone rivals those my Mom and Dad used to make and that's saying something coz my folks could make the best Scones ever!   Now that both of my Parents have passed away and I never learned their recipes for making Scones, I'm having a total Rush of Nostalgia eating some that are equally well made, huge, light and moist.  Nothing worse than a dry heavy Scone... which is the Norm typically when you buy them... and so if you want a Scone that isn't dry nor heavy, check these out, you'll become Addicted!!!   This Brunch actually tided me over 'til Dinnertime, it was just that Satisfying.

I'm rather struggling Tonight with Creating a Post... the Imagery was easy, but the Words just aren't coming so easy and I don't know why, usually I Love Writing.   So I may keep it short and sweet even tho' I had intended to give you decent coverage it shall probably have to wait until the next Posts... I took a lot of pixs so I have no lack of Visuals to Delight you with and Share!!!   There may have to be some Wordless Posts, to get thru the Series of 'Sixer Upper', I just don't know how long this Writer's Block might last?

What Thankfully did get unblocked was my Procrastination on Housekeeping and Styling the Home, damn, I outdid myself and got the entire Downstairs in Order and out of Chaos!!!   I even began on the Upstairs, tho' that will take another burst of Energy to complete, but it sure does Feel Good to have things more Organized, Orderly, Styled and Tidy.   I Feel so much better being around a Home that has every Room the way I prefer it to be... now if only we can KEEP it that way for more than a Minute, you know?  *LOL*

I have told The Force that I might just go Postal if they wreck any of the Rooms that I've worked so hard to Maintain and get back to Order... so for now at least, they're in Compliance.  *Winks*   They even started to do a little bit towards their own Personal Spaces and Princess T let me hang the Art in her room and not Obsess about the pinprick holes it made in her Walls!  *LOL*  She even cleared a small pathway on the floor and to the bed, then a small area for standing on the bed, for me to get up on there and hang everything!

I will be devoting at least one entire Post later on Showcasing my Transformation of whipping Villa Boheme' back into shape since I'm so Proud I finally got around to it!  But for now a small sampling peek of just her Art Wall.  It's the ONLY portion of her room I can Share since the rest looks like it's been ransacked by Pirates or destroyed by a Rock Band on a Party Bender... and that's no exaggeration.  So you don't wanna look coz some things once seen... well they can't be unseen, you know?   And that's the New Bed she hardly ever sleeps on since she doesn't like sleeping alone and has to fall asleep with someone in the room with her!  So there's still a mattress on the floor in my Living Room... which is such a Great Look... *Rolling of Eyes* 

She did scrutinize said Wall to ensure she couldn't see the tiny pinpricks made by the super skinny Nails she insisted I use to hang the Art... apparently it passed her Inspection.  *Smiles*   Now, the fact the only part of her floor or bed you could actually SEE was the small portions she cleared for me to get in there and up on the bed to hang these strangely doesn't bother her one iota... go figure?!?!!   I am fairly certain there will be some Counseling in her Future... *Bwahahahahaha!!!*

Back to the Show... my Friend Carol brought in some really Cute Bags and Accessories, I particularly liked this small Purse.    The Belgian Cut Velvet flap and Seam Binding fringe, plus Millinery accents, just so Cute and just My Style!

I'm totally Obsessed with Dried Flowers again... I go thru Phases of having Dried Flowers all over the Home... and then Phases of having Fresh Flowers all over the Home... or Living Plants... and right now seems to be Dried Flowers Phase again.   I do have Dried Hydrangea all over since my Living Hydrangea all croaked, well, one is trying to resurrect but I don't know that it's gonna make it?   At least with Dried Florals I don't have to grieve that they croaked on my Watch and in my Care, that always makes me Feel Bad.

My Friend Minnie's Line of Bedding and Pillows, so Sumptuous and Fresh for Summertime.  I Wish I could have this much White once in a while in our Boudoir but it would be risky, since The Man likes to sequester himself in there sometimes to get away from The Force and brings snacks and drinks with him.  His large motor skills still are recovering from his catastrophic accident and so he often spills and drops things, so I just am not taking the risks to Invest in a Quality Line of Bedding right now.

But, it sure is Pretty and I could Imagine having a Bed resembling this... tho' The Man Hates it when I add this many Pillows to the Bed since making and unmaking it tends to be a hassle for him to handle, tho' I don't mind at all.  I am getting back to making the Bed every Morning again, sometimes it's futile since he doesn't Feel Well most of the time and might go back to bed several times during any given day and I can only handle making up a Bed once a day and not several times a day.   That said, I'm the Type that doesn't like having an unmade Bed... since my little Mantra goes something like:  The Condition of your Bed reflects the Condition of your Head.

This is our Bed when I'm determined to make it at least once after we wake up... if he wrecks it after that, well... it's gonna have to wait until the next Morning to get made up again!  *LOL*   But I Feel Good if it only at least gets made up once and I don't just give up right out the Gate, you know?  *Smiles*  Sometimes it's almost tragic tho' if he Feels like he daren't mess it up after I make the Bed and asks if it's Okay if he goes and lays down in the middle of the day!?!?!?!?  

 So I don't know what's worse, the unmade Bed or him Feeling as if he can't lay down when he Needs to until it's Bedtime because I made the Bed?  Such is Life when you're Caring for someone with chronic health issues or extreme disability.  You have to Get Over having a Visually pleasing Boudoir because someone will be laying in said Bed often and you'll likely have all kinds of Medical Equipment laying around too {just out of Frame, but it's there}.   You never see those Editorial Spreads in Better Homes & Gardens!  *LOL*


Anyway, I did make the Bed two days in a row, including this Morning, and when I came Home from the Event it was still made even tho' he was sitting in there watching the Football Game!   Progress... and Princess T had stayed out of there too, since she's inclined, if Grandpa and her cannot agree on what to watch on the main TV in the Living Room, to migrate into our Bedroom to watch our TV rather than go upstairs and watch her own TV in her room.  Reason... well, no place to sit with all that crap she's got everywhere like the room exploded!  *Le Sigh*   And Yeah, BTW, I catch a lot of flack from our Adult Kids that they never had a TV in their rooms growing up... I remind them WE didn't have a TV in our room when they were growing up either!

Because remember when TV's were so expensive you could only ever afford perhaps one?   Along with Phones being so expensive you had to Rent them rather than Own them and everyone in the household had to Share the one with the 10 ft. chord, well, unless you were Uptown Bougie and bought the longer 20 ft. extension chord!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   We've come a long way baby!!!  *Smiles*   Some of you Younger Readers probably have no idea what we're even talking about... WHAAAAT???!?!?!?  Yeah, in our Lifetime...   Believe it or not I recall a time after I already had started a Family that I didn't even own/rent a Phone or own a TV yet!  *Gasp!*

Well, whatever did you DO to Entertain yourselves you might ask?  We actually talked to one another and Socialized within the Community!   And how did people reach you with no Phone?!?   They had to come over... or send an Officer over if there had been an Emergency and they needed to contact you about it!  *Double Gasp!!!*   Yeah, peeps had to be way more Invested back then because we didn't have all these gadgets and conveniences.   

Well, that's it for Today my Friends... to be Continued later... Signing Off...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian
A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

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